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Why Shutters?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Built to Last

Plantation Shutters are designed to be able to withstand time, wear and the elements. You won’t get warping, discolouration or breakage that you may see with curtains or blinds. Shutters are well worth the investment

Timeless and Classic Design

One of the best things about shutters is the fact that they never date. Neutral colours and an elegant design mean that shutters don't need to be replaced in line with trends.

Easy to Clean

Shutter's wooden slats are easy to wipe down, there is no fear of staining or dust build up as you may have with fabric blinds and curtains. This is a great way to make sure your home allergen and dust mite free.

Eco Friendly

Your shutters will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plantation shutters add an extra layer of insulation that block out the cold or heat. Meaning less reliance on heating or cooling appliances, saving you a fortune in electricity costs.


Plantation shutters offer more privacy than any other window covering. Blinds and curtains simply can't offer the same level of protection. Shutters are a great way to secure your home from prying eyes by blocking the view of your room and its contents.

Noise Control

Shutters act as a noise barrier limiting sounds from busy streets or noisy neighbours. Our shutters are measured and fitted perfectly meaning there is no flapping or rattling in the wind like blinds or curtains.

Light Control

Similarly to blinds or curtains, you still have the flexibility to open and close your shutters as you like. Control the amount of light you let in by adjusting louvers or or pull shutters back fully to let the room flood with light.

UV Protection

No need to worry about fading furniture as upward angled louvers will keep UV rays off your new sofa. All of our shutters are protected from fading with a special UV paint so you can rest assured they won't fade either.

Kerb Appeal

Adding plantation shutters to your home gives a modern, stylish and neat look to your property exterior. If and when you decide to sell, you can rest assured that you shutters have added to the value of your property. It's these details that will set you apart in the eyes of a buyer.

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